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Founded in beautiful Long Beach, California, Saferoad Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializing in providing low cost coverage in all lines of personal and commercial insurance. We go above and beyond to provide our clients with a one-stop insurance agency where all of their insurance needs can be met. In developing long term relationships with our clients, we are able to help you save both time and money. Unlike other insurance companies, we take our client-to-agent relationship very seriously. We want you to feel at ease when it comes to filing a claim and discussing your insurance policies.

Through our personalized insurance services, we are able to provide affordable insurance solutions that finally make sense. Serving Long Beach, Los Angeles, and all of California, we are a professional insurance agency dedicated to improving the security of the communities we work for. With over 18 years of experience in the industry, we always strive to be a competitor with an advantage in all aspects of the insurance market. Our years of experience allow us to best serve both the preferred market and the nonstandard market. We go above and beyond to provide affordable insurance solutions to all California residents, including individuals who have been labeled as high risk. Saferoad Insurance guarantees Assurance for the Road Ahead!

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