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DMV Registration

DMV Registration Information

At Saferoad Insurance, we are all about simplifying life for you. We offer additional services on top of our affordable insurance solutions for you to utilize. Whether you are in need of guidance in DMV Registration or need assistance with tax preparation, our experienced team of professionals are ready to assist.

Don't waste your time at the DMV. Get your stickers in Minutes!

Saferoad Insurance knows your time is valuable, and in our commitment of giving our customers the best service, we provide you with:
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • Instant Renewals
  • Title transfers

To expedite the process of your renewals, please bring the following:

  • Smog Check (If required by DMV)
  • Proof of valid Insurance
  • Renewal Slip
  • Fees Due (inquire within)

For title transfers, please bring the following:

  • Pink slip. If it’s lost you can bring the registration or the renewal slip
  • Smog Check
  • Proof of valid Insurance
  • Copy of ID
  • Fees Due (inquire within)
If you are not experienced in tax preparation, preparing your own federal income tax return can an overwhelming and confusing process. At Saferoad Insurance, we take the burden of tax preparation off of your plate. Our skilled tax preparers are experienced in evaluating each clients’ individual tax situation and providing simple solutions to your most trying concerns.

Follow us to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your income tax situation and provide you with a solution that makes sense.

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